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The authors present their findings from a study testing the effects of an early intervention by the Breast Cancer Navigator on distress.
Studies indicate that a high fear of cancer recurrence may be correlated with posttraumatic stress disorder in long-term survivors. A better understanding of this fear in cancer survivors can help clinicians manage this problem effectively.
This report evaluates the quality of that evidence and provides a plain language review of the statistics regarding the efficacy of High-Potency Polymerized Cross-linked Sucralfate as well as the inherent limitation of some guideline-supported therapies.
Social media represent important resources for parents to engage with experts and peers over survivorship health. The authors of this study examined the social media use and perceptions in the context of unmet needs for survivorship information of parents of young and adolescent childhood cancer survivors.
The authors implemented a nurse-driven psycho-oncological educational session to determine if it would decrease psychosocial distress levels among patients with solid tumor cancers who have received and completed chemotherapy with curative intent.
The authors present findings from their study aiming to examine the associations between the Independent Specialty Medical Advocate model of patient navigation and intermediate patient health outcomes in newly diagnosed patients.
A case study describing the course and outcomes of treatment, the real-life challenges that arise when attempting to utilize a manualized treatment, and the unique factors that contribute to this case.
The authors present their findings from a study aiming to determine the relationships of anxiety, social desirability, and demographics with group cohesion within a group intervention for African American breast cancer survivors.
The authors explore the concept of perceived economic hardship and economic distress among a cohort of adult patients at least 6 months postdiagnosis of AML.
The authors present their findings on a study addressing interventions that foster patient-clinician communication and referral for services related to both financial need and psychosocial distress to ensure optimal adherence to CML therapy.
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