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Accelerating the Pace of Progress in Cancer
Danielle Carnival explains the mission of the Biden Cancer Initiative and how they are working to engage all stakeholders to accelerate progress in treating patients with cancer.
The Importance of Data-Sharing
Danielle Carnival feels that data-sharing will help chip away at cultural and systemic barriers and help to improve patient care in a number of ways.
AONN+ Standardized Metrics and the Biden Cancer Initiative
Danielle Carnival recognizes that data standardization is a huge problem in cancer care, and notes that the AONN+ standardized navigation metrics are a giant step toward making progress in this area.
Clinical Trials: Essential to Cancer Progress
Danielle Carnival believes that providing patients with the most up-to-date tools and resources about clinical trials is an essential part of doubling the rate of progress in the fight against cancer, and the Biden Cancer Initiative is focused on reaching a wide range of patients with this information.
Building a
Danielle Carnival discusses the Biden Cancer Initiative's plan for building a "Patient Roadmap," which would serve as a comprehensive, vetted list of resources for cancer patients and/or oncology navigators.
The Biden Cancer Initiative Fierce Awards
Danielle Carnival talks about the Fierce Awards, which aim to recognize the unsung heroes in the cancer community and introduce them to a wider audience.
How to Get Involved in the Biden Cancer Initiative
The Biden Cancer Initiative relies on the expertise of those involved in cancer care, and as such, is looking for input from navigators.
Navigators Are a Great Example of How the System Should Be Designed
As Vice President of the Biden Cancer Initiative, Danielle Carnival recognizes that navigators are an essential part of the care system in oncology. Hear why.
Wealth of Information in JONS
Lillie praises the Journal of Oncology Navigation & Survivorship (JONS) for its wealth of information from a variety of experts in the field. The publication provides all-encompassing information for navigators and is one of the only publications that talks about survivorship.
Creating a Navigation Program – Where to Begin
Beginning a navigation program can be intimidating and there is not one program that fits every institution. Lillie recommends visiting other institutions that have established programs as a starting point.
AONN+ Provides Resource for Establishing Navigation Programs
In addition to visiting other institutions that have established navigation programs, Lillie explains that AONN+ is an excellent resource for establishing navigation programs.
Marketing Troubles for Nonaccredited Practices
Lillie discusses the disadvantages for institutions that are not Commission on Cancer accredited, including difficulties drawing newly diagnosed consumers and referring physicians to the practice.
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