The Round Table: Insight From Expert Navigators

Intercepting, translating, consoling, advocating, and smoothing the rocky road for breast cancer patients, nurse navigators are the linchpins for cancer patients from diagnosis through treatment. These are some of the nurse navigators whom patients encounter on their journey.
A case study demonstrating the importance of patient advocacy, respecting patients’ choices, and addressing barriers to care.
The FDA’s new personalized medicine approvals and expanded indications reflect the extraordinary pace of scientific innovation in the field.
For patients with cancer, repeal of the ACA would be catastrophic. Health reform expanded health insurance coverage for 20 million Americans, the majority of whom had been uninsured for more than 3 years.
JONS is delighted to announce this new department to offer thought-provoking insights, address the impact of various forces in our culture on navigation, and reaffirm of the importance of navigation programs.

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