Patient Advocacy/Empowerment

As precision medicine testing and treatment options evolve, the complexity of what patients and caregivers need to understand to be active members of their healthcare team has increased dramatically.
You are in a prime position to empower patients to have meaningful communication and involvement in their own care. Here’s how.
Patients with metastatic disease rely on their oncology navigator to help meet their treatment needs, psychosocial needs, family needs, and individual needs.
Cassie Osborne, RN, MSN, OCN, ONN-CG explains the misconceptions patients can have when they receive a metastatic disease diagnosis.
Healthcare needs a greater focus on metastatic survivors and establishing treatment goals that the patient wants to proceed with.
Cassie Osborne, RN, MSN, OCN, ONN-CG shares how oncology navigators serve as the voice of their patients who are living with metastatic disease.
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