September 2022 Vol 13, No 9

At JONS, we value the art of practicing medicine. We also value Art as Medicine to lift the human spirit. To honor these values, we have established an Artist in Residency program to showcase the works of art by artists touched by cancer.
The Navigating Iron Deficiency Anemia: My IV Iron Treatment Guide patient resource aims to empower patients and/or caregivers to actively engage in the discussion of iron deficiency anemia (IDA) and the intravenous (IV) iron treatment decision-making process.
The CATCH for September 2022 is awarded to Stephanie Hoopes, BSN, RN, OCN, ONN-CG, a survivorship nurse navigator at Prisma Health Cancer Institute in Greenville, SC.
Chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) is the most common adult leukemia. The American Cancer Society estimates over 20,000 new CLL cases and over 4000 attributed deaths in 2022.
The Hopemore spa offers specialty spa services to cancer survivors, but it is also just like any other luxury spa. This unique dual-focus design allows it to provide an inviting and relaxing spa atmosphere to all their clients while at the same time providing discreet services to patients with cancer, according to Jeanna Doyle, spa owner, and Kris Astroff, director of skincare at The Hopemore spa.
Oral oncolytic drugs have a multitude of benefits for patients, including ease of use, improved quality of life, fewer clinic visits, and no need for IV therapy.
The past couple of years have not been easy for anyone. Life as we knew it was turned upside down when the pandemic hit, and most people had to carry on with work, family, and financial obligations while attempting to navigate a completely different world. For many, and particularly for those working in the healthcare field, this understandably resulted in burnout.
Does access to insurance always translate to access to cancer care? The unfortunate reality in the United States is that health outcomes in patients with cancer rely heavily on whether a person has private insurance, public insurance, or is underinsured or uninsured, according to Amy Davidoff, PhD, MS, social and behavioral scientist administrator at the National Cancer Institute.

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