CATCH: In Support of Timely Referrals

The January 2023 CATCH Is Awarded to Kammi Fox-Kay, MSN, RN, AOCNS, ONN-CG(T), of the University of Chicago Medicine

January 2023 Vol 14, No 1 —January 4, 2023

Kammi Fox-Kay, MSN, RN, AOCNS, ONN-CG(T)

The navigator assesses the patient’s treatment plan and intervenes to assure appropriate and timely referrals.

—Kammi Fox-Kay, MSN, RN, AOCNS, ONN-CG(T)

A CATCH is a navigation success story where a navigation tactic improved a patient’s situation. The CATCH Initiative, short for Catching & Addressing Threats to Care & Health, tracks and acknowledges positive outcomes of navigation tactics.

The CATCH of the Month

Background: A patient was incorrectly referred to the multidisciplinary neuroendocrine tumor clinic from an outside institution.

The Incident: The surgeon assumed from a CT scan imaging report that the patient had a carcinoid tumor and made a referral to the neuroendocrine clinic. Kammi, a neuroendocrine nurse navigator, reviewed the patient’s medical records and discovered the patient’s diagnosis of follicular lymphoma.

The CATCH (Intervention): Identifying that the patient was incorrectly referred to her clinic, Kammi contacted the referring surgeon to inform of the error and the need for an appropriate referral.

Outcome: Due to the nurse navigator’s diligence, experience, and prompt action, the patient was informed of their correct diagnosis and referred to the most appropriate clinic. Understanding the cancer care continuum and need for timeliness to care, this navigator advocated for this patient to ensure they received a timely referral and seamless transition to the correct specialist.

The Importance of the CATCH

Studies have shown that patients with cancer who had access to navigation services benefit from the resolution of barriers, coordination of care, and emotional support, which in turn decrease their distress, improve quality of life, and increase satisfaction with their care.1

Timeliness to care and continuity of care are crucial to ensure proper diagnosis and decreased time to first treatment. This navigator caught a diagnostic and referral oversight and took the appropriate steps to rectify the situation. Navigators can often play the role of eyes and ears for providers, and this CATCH demonstrates navigation’s proficiency in a complex cancer world.


  1. Bellomo C. The effect of navigator intervention on the continuity of care and patient satisfaction of patients with cancer. Journal of Oncology Navigation & Survivorship. of-patients-with-cancer. Published March 6, 2015. Accessed December 9, 2022.
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