Navigators Are a Great Example of How the System Should Be Designed

Video Library —July 2, 2018
Danielle Carnival, PhD
Vice President, Biden Cancer Initiative, Washington, DC
As Vice President of the Biden Cancer Initiative, Danielle Carnival recognizes that navigators are an essential part of the care system in oncology. Hear why.
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Performance Improvement: The Role of the Navigator
September 2020 Vol 11, No 9
Oncology navigators rely on metrics to demonstrate the value of their role. According to JoAnn Lovins, MS, RN, NEA-BC, performance—characterized by measures such as employee engagement, finance, volume growth, quality, and patient engagement—has recently emerged as a key metric in demonstrating the value of navigation.
AONN+ Standardized Metrics and the Biden Cancer Initiative
Danielle Carnival, PhD
Video Library
Danielle Carnival recognizes that data standardization is a huge problem in cancer care, and notes that the AONN+ standardized navigation metrics are a giant step toward making progress in this area.
The Biden Cancer Initiative Fierce Awards
Danielle Carnival, PhD
Video Library
Danielle Carnival talks about the Fierce Awards, which aim to recognize the unsung heroes in the cancer community and introduce them to a wider audience.
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