Patient Navigation

Providing nonclinical support to patients with cancer help meet day-to-day needs and emotional support.

Patient navigation is an intervention that can help increase treatment adherence and improve health outcomes for cancer patients. Cancer patients and their caregivers often experience barriers to timely, high-quality cancer treatment.

Mandi Pratt-Chapman shares a free, Excel-based tool to help patient navigators document, track, and generate reports for their programs.
The authors present findings from their study aiming to examine the associations between the Independent Specialty Medical Advocate model of patient navigation and intermediate patient health outcomes in newly diagnosed patients.
Community navigators help those with an unequal burden of cancer, which is often heaviest among racial/ethnic minorities, patients with lower socioeconomic status, and residents of rural areas who do not have equal access to healthcare systems and do not always receive timely, standard care when confronted with a cancer diagnosis.
Dr Burhansstipanov emphasized the importance of coordination between NPNs and nurse navigators. “Our navigators have worked beautifully with nurse navigators,” she said at the Academy of Oncology Nurse & Patient Navigators 7th Annual Navigation & Survivorship Conference.
The CNA will allow the LSCVAMC to identify barriers to cancer care and potential areas for improvement to ensure continuous quality improvement and access for our veterans with cancer.
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