Standardized Metrics

This educational initiative, derived from the 2017 AONN+ West Coast Regional Meeting, is designed to meet the educational needs of hematology/oncology nurse navigators and registered nurses; other healthcare professionals, such as patient navigators and social workers who have a focus on cancer and survivorship, are encouraged to participate.
Tricia Strusowski stresses the importance of getting navigators involved in a patient's cancer care as soon as possible and believes the AONN+ standardized metrics can help navigators take patient care to the next level.
Tricia Strusowski explains how the standardized metrics perfectly complement AONN+ certification, which can help navigators better understand the full continuum of care.
Tricia Strusowski explains how the AONN+ standardized navigation metrics perfectly complement and support CoC standards.
Tricia Strusowski provides an overview on how she and the Metrics Subcommittee developed the AONN+ standardized navigation metrics.
Tricia Strusowski reflects on why the AONN+ standardized metrics are needed in navigation.
Tricia Strusowski, Chair of the AONN+ Metrics Subcommittee, explains the catalysts behind the development of standardized navigation metrics.
Linda Burhansstipanov describes how her institution has leveraged some of the tools and resources developed by AONN+.
Linda Burhansstipanov expands upon why standardized metrics are important to patient navigators in ensuring consistency, measuring clinical outcomes, and demontrating ROI.
Cheryl Bellomo describes the AONN+ metrics that deal with the business aspects of navigation programs and explains how they can be used to demonstrate sustainability and ROI.
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