October 2016 Vol 7, No 9

Multidisciplinary conferences are an extremely valuable tool utilized by navigators to ensure their patients are being offered the most inclusive care, with access to many disciplines and opinions at once.
Uniform documentation and data capture methods were developed and leveraged to benchmark performance and evaluate the effect of standardized NN on improving clinical cancer outcomes.
Provision of care by nurses may be influenced by different factors such as their physical, emotional, and psychosocial status. Filipino oncologic nurses are vulnerable to encounter these issues.
The project identified and cataloged resources provided to patients throughout treatment at touchpoints where nurses, social workers, and ancillary clinicians provide care at DHMC.
Approximately 42% of breast cancer survivors develop clinically detectable lymphedema within 5 years of treatment. Early intervention and education is crucial to decrease long-term morbidity and improve patient outcomes.
Our practice identified the need for a process improvement (PI) when lack of consistent practice and documentation was found leading to inefficiencies and potential patient misses.
The study was conducted by the nurse navigator at Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute at Research Medical Center in Kansas City, a member of the oncology service-line for HCA. Nurse navigators are exposed to many processes in the cancer care system and recognize when systems are not at optimal functioning.
Oncology navigation has developed over the past several years into a necessary and critical component of cancer care as exemplified by the data available. As a result, cancer centers have assessed the prospect of becoming more efficient in the care provided to cancer patients.
Cancer centers have focused on optimizing seamless multidisciplinary care at tumor boards and/or clinics, but little has been published on effective ways to involve supportive services in the management of cancer patients.
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