March 2018 Vol 9, No 3

This is your year to conduct research and share your findings. AONN+ and the AQUIRE committee can help you to reach this goal.
Studies indicate that a high fear of cancer recurrence may be correlated with posttraumatic stress disorder in long-term survivors. A better understanding of this fear in cancer survivors can help clinicians manage this problem effectively.
Cheryl Bellomo, MSN, RN, OCN, ONN-CG, encourages navigators to conduct research and report findings to enrich the navigation literature and promote best practices.
The authors present findings from a focus group assessing the current state of administrative engagement in individual navigation programs.
AONN+ is excited to announce a partnership with Oncology Solutions, LLC, and the American Cancer Society to execute a national navigation metrics quality study.
"Our partnership with AONN+ is a great addition to the tools and resources Midwest Cancer Alliance offers our medical colleagues.” –Executive Director, Hope Krebill, MSW, BSN, RN
The 40th anniversary of the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium was attended by approximately 8000 healthcare professionals and featured presentations ranging from basic science to preliminary clinical trials and new standards of care. Below is a summary of key presentations featured at the press conferences.
The current US Preventive Services Task Force guidelines call for breast cancer screening every 2 years for women between the ages of 50 and 75 years.
Older patients with hormone receptor–positive, HER2-negative, metastatic breast cancer derive similar benefit as younger patients treated with CDK4/6 inhibitors as part of initial endocrine therapy, according to a pooled analysis of registration trials presented at the 2017 San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium.

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