Navigating Iron Deficiency Anemia: My IV Iron Treatment Guide

September 2022 Vol 13, No 9



A Resource for Your Patients with IDA

The Navigating Iron Deficiency Anemia: My IV Iron Treatment Guide patient resource aims to empower patients and/or caregivers to actively engage in the discussion of iron deficiency anemia (IDA) and the intravenous (IV) iron treatment decision-making process. Ensuring patients are educated on IDA and actively involved in the decision-making process allows for rapport-building and receptivity to IV iron treatment. These factors impact patient experience, health literacy, and safety, in addition to treatment compliance. Arming patients with knowledge and treatment discussion topics further promotes shared decision-making.

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How to Use This Resource

This patient engagement tool is intended to be used by:

  1. Navigators, nurses, and other members of the healthcare team as a discussion starter with patients to educate on IV iron therapy, and
  2. Patients with IDA as a reference guide throughout their IV iron treatment journey.

The first page is to be utilized by care staff to facilitate the expectations of iron infusion therapy—prior to, during, and following treatment. The second page provides patient education on IDA and suggested questions for patients and/or caregivers to ask regarding their specific IV iron treatment at the time of treatment selection with their healthcare provider.

Your Partner in Patient Education

Navigators, nurses, and healthcare team members support patients on IV iron therapy by offering key assistance along the way. This assistance may be provided through patient education, advocacy, coordination of care, and emotional support for the patients and caregivers throughout their IDA journey. Although every IDA treatment journey is unique, all patients will benefit from the holistic support and resources provided by care teams, including the Navigating Iron Deficiency Anemia: My IV Iron Treatment Guide resource.

Contributing Advisors

Ginna L. Granroth, PA-C, MS, ACLS
Physician Assistant Clinical Coordinator
Mayo Clinic, Phoenix, AZ

Nicole Messier, RN, BSN, OCN, ONN-CG
Upper Gastrointestinal Clinical Program Coordinator/Nurse Navigator
University of Vermont Medical Center, Burlington, VT

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